A theme inspired by Casper using Girder CSS

I really like the simplicity and minimalistic form of Casper (the default theme in Ghost). Simple and useful is not given enough credit but it happens to be the inspiration for one of my little projects: Girder CSS.

I thought it'd be fun to create a theme in support of this nice platform (Ghost) and include a solid Sass foundation which I can use to test what I'm doing with Girder so here it is...

Its open source so you can download it or fork it on Github.


  • Ghost-inspired simplicity
  • Modular and easily customizable
  • Responsive to the core
  • Optimized for speed, easy to extend
  • Totally free :)
  • For Devs:
    • Syntax highlighting (Prism)
    • All source files included
    • Girder layout helper, Sass base
    • Vertical-rhythm, rem fallback
    • GruntJS build tasks (compass, minify, etc)

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